Viikiita fashion

Viikiita was so kind to donate a prize for Display Window, it consist of two set´s TS4 only

Set one consist of large Chanel posters (no game preview, but they look amazing in game!)

Set two consists on fashion recolours with in-game preview.
For them to appear in you game need the following meshes from black-lelinacherienumberswoman



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The Musical Garden


Created for the article Cool New Year in issue 20


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Warhouse 42 by macthekat


Created for the article Cool New Year in issue 20


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Club Noir by Martine


Created for the article Cool New Year in issue 20


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Row house apartments – ts2


I build these row houses for Speechless. They hold 4 living spaces – and can be turned into working flats with the typing of a cheat.


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Row house apartments – ts3


Price: 54.836 §
Lot size: 30×40
Furnished: A little outside
5 apartment units with 1 bedrooms each in two plans.


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White wooden house by Oumamea


In oumamea’s take on the challenge, traditional furniture paired with a soothing color scheme of neutral tones and accents of green make this look like the classic home-sweet-home. A mission-style desk flanked by bookcases stained in the same oak provide the perfect home office. In the bedroom, a tartan plaid bedspread in shades of green on the big, brass bed is complemented by a similar plaid in the window treatments. Matching wood end tables and dresser round out this comfy master bedroom.


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Mid modern by mrmiss


It’s amazing how changing the roof completely changes the look of the house. In this case, mrmiss has created a completely flat roof which, when paired with large contemporary windows, definitely gives this home a modern edge. Inside, neutral colors dominate, punctuated by the occasional pop of color in a rug or floral arrangement. In the bedroom, wood paneling and a wooden headboard with sleek lines help to create a warm and cozy yet masculine master suite.


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