Abaca Mall


I know I have been super tardy with getting this up, but to be fair I haven’t been playing sims 2 at all for a long time now
Here is Abaca Mall from issue 9. It is unfurnished, but does still have some CC in it, mostly walls and floors and fences and stuff. Use the Clean Installer!

Also I have attached the lighted letters as seen on the front of the building. It is an incomplete set, but I won’t be making the rest of the letters, sorry lol. Feel free to expand on the set and/or make it repository if you like, use my meshes for a base if you need to. The font is Century Gothic. They are lamps

Download the 3D lighted letters


One thought on “Abaca Mall

  1. Hi!

    It’s a beautiful mall, unfortunately the 3D letters aren’t available anymore. Can you upload them again, please? Thanks in advance!

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