Good Old House


This house is made for a contest back at Sims Community (now mts). It cost about 33000. It is all maxis stuff. No hacks. The deco is not pretty at all.
It is build in a functionalism style and the idea is that is is from around 1935.
No EPs or CC is required or included.
Sorry about the crappy pictures – it is a good house though.

by macthekat

03 01

Garden in the Sky


This house was featured in the article Design in D Flat and was also used in our very old challenge Garden in The Sky.

I think this only requires the basegame, but I could be wrong. I am pretty sure there is no CC involved.

by macthekat

house garden01

The Old Barn


I build this old barn for an article in Living sims. It is really easy to make over or use as it is; you might wanna put in a door though if your sims want to live there. It is build on a narrow lot in the one end, so there is room for a main house if you want that.

It is build with all EPs and SPs installed and all CC on the pictures are included

by macthekat



Credit to all creators. Costume content included:

  • BeOSBoxBoy
  • wood for sims
  • buggybooz @ MTS2
  • nengi65
  • Targa
  • Steffor
  • sim2me
  • Murano

LivingSims as clutter by spiegelsplitter


Included are 8 clutter meshes and 6 magazine piles and 3 recolors for the magazines and 9 recolors for the clutter items. The storage cube and magazine collectors contain slots, everything is low poly (between 28 and 396 faces), repositories, costs 5 § and is found under deco/sculptures. Files are clearly labeled and compressorized.


Bedroom set by Sandy from Around The Sims


When we interviewed Sandy from Around the Sims in issue 13, she was nice enough to make us this bedroom set as a gift.


Gift from Mira


Mira has been so nice to make us a little something for our readers – that is you, so feel free to go and grab it!

New Meshes: Black boards, plant and table


Gift from Christine – Havana Posters


Christina made this gift for us, when we featured her house in issue 18

Recolor of “Jope_living8_panting_mesh”

Havana gift

Awesims Just For Kids


Sixtyten made this wonderful gift for our now closed challenge “From a Kid’s Point of view“, now you can have it as well.


Awesims Christmas Gifts


Conversion of Awesims 2009 Christmas Gift
This set is of the sideboard, the wallshelf and the books.