The Butterfly Chair conversion ts3 > ts2


The Butterfly Chair by Sixtyten conversion ts3 > ts2 by moxxa as a prize for Renovation DreamsScreenShot006


Avant Garde Set by Zveki


Here is my 2nd meshed set. It took me really long to figure out how to make everything but Sculptris, the program i mesh in, has some really handy tools which helped me to achieve what i wanted. Here is the result. I called this set Modern Avant-garde dining/study room for him and her.

The set contains 5 chairs, 1 mirror, 1 desk, 1 dining table, 1 lighting panel (full wall height), 1 shelf and 1 cabinet (both with slots).

I hope you will like it. The chairs exist in real life and they are designed by Fabio Novembre.


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Pets on Furniture Prize by Awesims


Arrow lamp, Sideboard, chair

By Sixtyteen @ Awesims

Awesims Set Preview

Gift from Gosik


We interviewed Gosik in issue 15 and she was nice enough to make us a gift

The set includes: Chair, Floor Lamp, Wall Stickers (1 & 3 tiles)