The Musical Garden


Created for the article Cool New Year in issue 20


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Warhouse 42 by macthekat


Created for the article Cool New Year in issue 20


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Club Noir by Martine


Created for the article Cool New Year in issue 20


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Country Club by Zingaro


Spend a day in the lap of luxury. This spa has everything you could want: get a massage, play some games, take a dip in the pool, or simply bask in the sun with a drink while listening to some piano music.


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URB4NE by Trumpets0ng


Set down a sensation by adding the latest hot spot to your town. URB4NE is exclusive enough to keep out the riff-raff without slowing down the party. In fact with pool, a bubble table, and floating rings as well as the most current DJs on staff, slowing down the party will be the furthest thing from your mind.


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Library by Puzmo


This large modern library is a great place to relax or research; even if you have kids in tow, the children’s reading area has frequent read-alongs that will keep everyone happy, especially when goodies are served at the snack bar afterward.


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La Maison by Tiki


With its upscale atmosphere, outdoor dining, and one of the best cocktail lounges in town, La Maison is sure to be the pinnacle of fine dining in the city where you live.


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Library by Niatomea_Sims


This library has one of the largest collections of children’s books around, as well as a large reading circle, and a snow-cone machine to keep the little ones busy. Add to that a substantial young adult section and this is among the finest children’s libraries around.


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Elixir Shop by everlasting-garden


This is the place for all your alchemy needs. This is your one-stop shop whether you are researching or mixing something up in the loft lab, gathering or buying that missing ingredient, or placing your latest concoction on consignment.

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Beauty Full Salon – annejline


Add a touch of glamour to any neighborhood with this fun and fancy beauty salon and day spa. Whether your sim needs a day away from the kids or a complete makeover, this is the place to get what they need.


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