Sim Next Door goodies from Sarah!


by sixtyten

As many of you know I made a *lot* of stuff for my entries in the sim next door contest, and I promised to share the love with y’all when it was done. So here we are! Pull up a pew and get comfy, because there is a lot of stuff to tell you about!


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Dreidel and Gelt Set by baufive


Baufive’s beautiful dreidel & chocolate gelt for your sims’ very own Hanukkah


Sixtyten’s photo backdrop


This is the backdrop we use then we take finds pictures for you. The backdrop is perfect for both sims modeling and to take previews of your objects. It is fully recolourable with the CASt tool ingame. It works best indoor with good lighting around like it is shown in Sixtyteen pictures’. We thought you might want it as well!

This is one of our most loved object at the staff – we couldn’t do Finds without it!


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Plain posters by Sixtyten


Sixtyten made these 3 poster meshes for me because I needed a plain poster mesh for some teen posters. Now we are sharing it with you.

If you want to retexture it as well, you may, just give credit to Sarah

There is about 12 posters in each package. Both .sims3packages and .package files are included in the .rar file


Posters & otoman by Desdren


Desdren made these awesome posters and this Otoman for us, when we interviewed her for issue 18.

livingsimspainting10rec livingsimsset

Just for Kids by Sarah


Sixtyten made this wonderful gift for our now closed challenge “From a Kid’s Point of view“, now you can have it as well. Pets ready

Grab the sims 2 version


Posy pen fence by Qbuilderz


Qbuilderz made this fence for us, when we interviewed him in issue 14



Cuties patooties animal cushions


Hey dudes! It seems that the world is Owl crazy right now, so I made a cute little cushion mesh in the shape of an owl!

It has 4 channel options for maximum colour and print options, and best of all (in my opinion) it has 3 variations on the one mesh – the base owl, something vaguely badger’ish (its a stretch, yes, but I did say vaguely, haha), and something somewhat racoon’ish! You’ll need to use an OMSP to place these cushions at couch level Smile

Works with PETS

by sixtyten


2010 Christmas gift by Sarah


Sixtyten made us a wonderful Christmas gift for The Sims 3. We sadly do not have it for you as a Sims 2 gift right now, but we might get it on the future.
The set includes: Fireplace, “modular” columns and end pieces to extend fireplace, Petal end table, Curve Lounge chair, Pole lamp, Shelves for the fireplace, shiftable shelves for the wall, and the painting


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