Pillows & prints by moxxa


Pillows recolors by moxxa for Old Years New Beginnings. Mesh by mysticrain. As well as vintage posters.

OYNB preview S2.jpg (2)OYNB preview S2.jpg (1)


Pillows & sofas


Include recolors for Sofa, pillow & loveseat – meshes included


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Baby pictures & pillows by Amy


Prize for “One Kid, Two Kid, Three Kid, Four” bt Amy

Amy's PP Banner

Big pillows by RepulsiveDesire


Old Years New Beginnings by RepulsiveDesire
1 big pillow with many recolours and 1 small pillow with the same recolours.
Both .sims3package & .package included

OYNB preview S3


Cuties patooties animal cushions


Hey dudes! It seems that the world is Owl crazy right now, so I made a cute little cushion mesh in the shape of an owl!

It has 4 channel options for maximum colour and print options, and best of all (in my opinion) it has 3 variations on the one mesh – the base owl, something vaguely badger’ish (its a stretch, yes, but I did say vaguely, haha), and something somewhat racoon’ish! You’ll need to use an OMSP to place these cushions at couch level Smile

Works with PETS

by sixtyten