Viikiita fashion

Viikiita was so kind to donate a prize for Display Window, it consist of two set´s TS4 only

Set one consist of large Chanel posters (no game preview, but they look amazing in game!)

Set two consists on fashion recolours with in-game preview.
For them to appear in you game need the following meshes from black-lelinacherienumberswoman



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Easter Eggs by SAG


Sims Art Gallery made these amazing easter eggs for us.

152sims 2

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LivingSims Magazine


So you enjoy to read Living sims, perhaps your sims will as well.

Mesh by Bienchen83 is included


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Pillows & prints by moxxa


Pillows recolors by moxxa for Old Years New Beginnings. Mesh by mysticrain. As well as vintage posters.

OYNB preview S2.jpg (2)OYNB preview S2.jpg (1)


DD bedding collections


Sadly I can’t give credit, since I do not have it, but it is made for “1 bed different possibilities”, if you know who to credit, please leave a comment!


Mexican paintings by annyway


Tiki requested some mexican art and after searching for moar recolors i made this

by annyway