The Sims 2

Arizona Sofa Recolours Patterns

by AjÖya

Mesh by HolySimoly (included

Arizona Sofa Recolours Plaids

by AjÖya

Mesh by HolySimoly (included)

Blue Vertical Tiles

As requested, from the article “living at the top” from issue 9 of Living Sims, the vertical tiles found in the kitchen.


Luxury Brands

I’ve had a lot of requests for these lately, so I thought I’d share them all with you.

I have made a few wall stencils which feature luxury brand names and symbols.
You will see them featured in the upcoming issue of Living Sims magazine
I hope you find some use for them


Requires Free Time EP and Aikea Guine Wallwriting mesh (included)

Hipster Glass Tiles

After many, many requests, here’s the pastel tiles as seen in issue 9 of Living Sims
The reason I hadn’t released them is because they’re not up to the quality that I usually like to publish (they don’t look so hot up real close), so I was holding them back, but since everyone seemed to like them, here they are for you anyway



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