The Sims 2

Fringed Bliss

As featured in Issue 8 of LivingSims magazine, in the Flea Market Finds article, here are some recolours I made of the Apartment Life “Fringed Bliss” table lamp. Hope you like them!
Available in 9 new colours, including 3 floral prints. Also comes with a new black iron base


Requires Apartment Life EP and Fringed Bliss mesh by Sims Fashion Barn

Luminare by Murano

When we interviewed Murano from TSR in issue 2 he made us this beautiful sofa.

Gift from Malle

Posters from issue 15

Loudspeakers by Numenor

When we interviewed Numenor in issue 13, he was nice enough to make us this loudspeaker as a gift.

Abaca Mall

I know I have been super tardy with getting this up, but to be fair I haven’t been playing sims 2 at all for a long time now
Here is Abaca Mall. It is unfurnished, but does still have some CC in it, mostly walls and floors and fences and stuff. Use the Clean Installer!

Also I have attached the lighted letters as seen on the front of the building. It is an incomplete set, but I won’t be making the rest of the letters, sorry lol. Feel free to expand on the set and/or make it repository if you like, use my meshes for a base if you need to. The font is Century Gothic. They are lamps

Download the 3D lighted letters


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