The Sims 3

2010 Christmas gift

Sixtyten made us a wonderful Christmas gift for The Sims 3. We sadly do not have it for you as a Sims 2 gift right now, but we might get it on the future.
The set includes: Fireplace, “modular” columns and end pieces to extend fireplace, Petal end table, Curve Lounge chair, Pole lamp, Shelves for the fireplace, shiftable shelves for the wall, and the painting

Save, save, and save some more!

T-shirts for your teen sims, that reminds you to save!
Gift from Smurfette Sims

Patterns by Casa, Cosa, Sims

We interviewed creators from Casa, Cosa, Sims in issue 12 and they were nice enough to make us a stack of patterns

Simone’s House

from issue 16

Posy pen fence

Qbuilderz made this fence for us, when we interviewed him in issue 14


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