The Sims 3

Plain posters by Sixtyten

Sixtyten made these 3 poster meshes for me because I needed a plain postermesh for some teen posters. Now we are sharing it with you.

If you want to rexture it as well, you may, just give credit to Sarah

There is about 12 posters in each package. Both .sims3packages and .package files are included in the .rar file

Sixtyten’s photo backdrop

This is the backdrop we use then we take finds pictures for you. The backdrop is perfect for both sims modeling and to take previews of your objects. It is fully recolourable with the CASt tool ingame. It works best indoor with good lighting around like it is shown in Sixtyteen pictures’. We thought you might want it as well!

Graphic Posters by Rubika

Rubika has turned the posters from Graphic Posters into ingame posters for you!

Credit to: LS3alexis, gotmilk, macthekat, Leela, fashionista125, ajÖya, Spacerox, baufive & NishaDS
Thanks to everyone who took part in the challenge!

Green Renovation Farmhouse

Here is The promised Green renovation house. David build the before house and I renovated it for the after pictures. Both houses will be up for download but I need to clean my file up, so it isn’t stuffed with CC. Both houses are un-furnished.

LemonJelly's gift for Easy as 1,2,3

LemonJelly who donated this great participation gift for Easy as 1, 2, 3.

There are 13 recolors on EA mesh in one .sims3package


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