The Sims 3

WOE ABC Blocks

And a big thank you to WOE who donated this set of shiftable shelves and recolorable ABC blocks for Easy as 1, 2, 3

.sims3package file

Factory Living by darkshines

The participation gift of Factory Living made by darkshines

5 recolours in one .Sims3package file

DekaAnimal Prints by darkshines

Gift for Garage Life 2.0 made by darkshines

Custom content for The Sims 3
Includes 11 recolors of one painting mesh. sims3pack format

Zhaana patterns for Great Escapes

Zhaana made these great patterns for the Great Escapes challenge.

There are two patterns in two .sims3package files.

My way Paintings by RepulsiveDesire

25 paintings in one mesh. Both .sims3packages and .package files included


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